Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Welcome to the beautiful Bay Area of California

School has been out since May 17, it's been a good two weeks since I have attempted anything within my major besides download sitepoint's "The Photoshop Anthology: 101 Web Design Tricks & Techniques" by Corrie Haffly. Literally, just opened it and have very little to say about it currently. It's free (for now!), so if you are interested , get it now.

I am also skimming through Ben Hunt's "Save The Pixel: The Art of Simple Web Design." There is a sample chapter available for download on his site, and it definitely seems well worth the money. He has a very no-nonsense style that I think a lot of us as web designers need to re-adhere to. With Web 2.0 and gradient madness, and just stock options that it almost seems that people are picking from, it's nice to read a voice that knows very well what it takes. Immediately, I am adopting the term JFDI (Just Fucking Do It). Ben has has a great tone for the material.

I have so much to update and upload, but unfortunately, I left my precious external hard-drive in Seattle last weekend and (bad practice!) all of my final versions from my Concept class, as well as my Design Tech class are on it.

I opened a, currently empty, Etsy shop. This will in the future be filled with prints of my original artwork, as well as crafted goods for people and our better halves (dogs!)

My summer semester starts June 16th, and I am frantically trying to assemble a portfolio... well frantic is not the correct word. But regardless, I am trying to REMAKE my portfolio that was lost somehow in Maine at my father's house.

Ever lose a large body of work? Ouch.


uh-lean-uh said...

i cant wait to lurk your etsy shop!

L$D said...

you're in my hometown!!
how lovely...