Friday, June 13, 2008


The second assignment in Concept was to capture a building in such a way as to make the viewer want to visit it. To be honest, I can not remember what building this is, it is downtown in San Francisco and is home to a bank. US Bank? Regardless, the architecture is what attracted me, and I captured exactly what drew me in. The combination of hewn stone, hard angles, fragile glass structures, and organic line work on a building were completely gorgeous and intriguing to me. Taking a squared, smoothed, and harsh material such as granite and utilize it for building looming structures can often feel so lifeless, and sterile. The architect kept his materials in mind and was able to take the edge off by carving circles and curves. I used to work as a designer for a tile and stone showroom, and it's great to see how beautiful those materials can be in action.

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