Friday, June 13, 2008

Curves Ahead Print Ads

The third assignment for Concept was to photograph a vehicle and prepare the photos to be used by a company called "Curves Ahead" in print ads. The company is assumedly large and does not need copy of introduction. I originally used my Bianchi San Jose, but although using a bike would help communicate separation from car culture, greener living, fitness, yadda yadda the on emphasis was supposed to be on shape. As sexy as I think my bike may be, it is comprised of hard steel and straight lines. There is a car dealership on Van Ness that was nice enough to let me in and snap a few photos of a gorgeous Lambourgini. I'm not a fan of cars anymore, but this car was dripping with sex appeal. The curves that it was sporting were both feminine and chiseled like a man's jaw.

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