Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wondercon 2008

I went to this beautiful event yesterday, at the Moscone Center South, in San Francisco. I had little expectations, considering I have attended a comic book convention in several years. I have a control issue when it comes to certain series (Batman the Detective, Conan the Barbarian, Uncanny Xmen, and most current: Marvel Zombies), and anything related to Sailor Moon.
It's a little embarrassing to think about a five year old me falling in love with this leggy blonde while I'm at my babysitter's waiting for the bus. I remember that it came on at 6:00am for a while, and I wouldn't go back to sleep after my parents dropped me off at 5:30am because I didn't want to miss that rerun. My obsession is more on the healthy side now, I only pick up a few new pieces a year.
Back to WonderCon! The Moscone was PACKED. The amount of people in costumes that clearly took at least several weeks was impressive. Amongst the most impressive included two babes fully representing the elves of Lodos War, Doctor Who, FatBoy (the burgers...), a very little girl as Sailor Jupiter (kawaii!), and... SAILOR MOON! Yikes. I need to turn down my inner nerd.

Although there were tons of great finds that I definitely could have thrown down some green for, I exercised every ounce of restraint that I had and only picked up a copy of "Hand Job: A Catalog of Type" by Michael Perry. As much as I covet an original paste-up panel from Albert Moy based in Bayside, New York, I need all of my interest to be focused on becoming the best designer I can muster.
"Hand Job" looks absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure that I will write about more in depth once I finish the two books I'm currently working on.
And finally, I discovered Last Gasp which is a graphic book store. They are hosting a release party for "Best Erotic Comics" at the Cartoon Art Museum this coming Thursday.

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