Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Craft-minded; A Guide To Puppy Stitch and Bitch Fashion

When I have free time, and for a while I had nothing but free time, I recreate things. Recycling, I think is the greatest idea ever. So I picked up a baby onesie from Goodwill for a dollar while I was visiting my Mom's, and have just recently gotten around to revamping it for Villainy to wear.
So onto the tutorial...

Step One: Do not do anything until after washing and drying the clothing to make sure that it will not change shape after alteration. Preshrink, preshrink, preshrink! Take the unfitted onesie, flip it inside out, and get your loving model to try it on. Gather the material around the ventral (tummy!) side of the pup. I used a Sharpie to baste-mark where the garment needed to be taken in. I would NOT recommend using a Sharpie, or any sort of marker. I only used this because I wasn't sure if it was going to work or not, and it was more just a test. I used small dots on both sides in three different locations.

Step Two: Remove the garment, and fold in half so that the dots that you had previously marked are touching. Connect the dots, and pin the line. This is where I would make a judgement call on where the shirt is going to end. I sketched mine on to the shirt so I could make a visual decision. Sew down your new line to create your ventral seam. Make sure you back-tack at the beginning and end of your new seam, this is going on a puppy after all! See below:

In the last image, you can see the artifacts left behind by that pesky Sharpie. What was I thinking? Ha.

Step Three: I used a zigzag stitch pattern inside of my seam to give the shirt a bit more resistance against the movements and strain my puppy was going to be putting it though. Trim your latest seam. Also, cut your shirt to the length that you want it to be, allowing for hemming, so I would recommend at least a half inch.

Step Four: Pin your hem, and sew along the bottom of the shirt. Make sure to be careful around the new seams, and again back-tack!

Et voici: c'est fini.

Most importantly, take pictures of your puppies.


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Anonymous said...

That is the cutest dog in the world.

Anonymous said...

This is SUCH a great idea. Clothes for puppies can get pretty ridiculous as far as prices are concerned, and finding onsies at the Goodwill or flea markets is always easy. Thank you so much for posting this!! I'm DEFINITELY gonna do this!!

Bergan pet supplies said...

Hahahaha.... Awesome! Very creative!