Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"I knew"

Better photos of the final construction tomorrow, but here is a preview of my final for silkscreen. I went to a gallery opening for Katy Stone last month and fell in love with her work. She creates three dimensional space with transparent and opaque layers. I wanted to explore that concept and silkscreened hand-drawn type and autographic shapes onto acetate and tissue paper. Well, Grafix Dura Lar. Using a limited color palette of light blues, warm gray, near black, and white I replicated my screens  to have five runs of each color. There are enough runs to create five of these sculpture/books. The one I sewed together today is approximately three feet long. 

It's layers create tension because the components are loosely rendered by hand and the textures and colors keep the eye moving back and forth in the space between them. The acetate allows the viewer to peer through the piece, but also keeps it dynamic by reflecting light and changing the appearance of the individual layers. The ink is completely matte, and the contrast between ink and substrate is high.
These pictures don't do it an ounce of justice, so just consider yourself teased.

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