Monday, April 7, 2008

Seattle Museum of Art

Things seem to come full circle now-a-days. There was a class recently in my Concept course that we discussed what it takes to be a great designer. Knowing your art history and being a sponge while observing the world. Bob showed us a reel that had launched someone's career and it was a gorgeous take on traditional Japanese imagery and incorporating it in a new way.

One thing that really stuck out to me was in the reel, the clouds were very thin and elongated. To admit my ignorance, I had never seen this rendition of clouds before. While I was in Seattle in February, nearly a week after watching that movie, I visited the SAM and hanging on the wall was a tradtional Japanese theatre komono... With the clouds!

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scott davidson said...

What an interesting blog, introduced by a thought-provoking photo. The unusual wall painting of the dwellings is also a strangely modern interpretation. Something like this hieroglyphic view of a park by Swiss painter Paul Klee,
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