Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Troublemaker has hired me to do a shirt design for them. The basic premise of it was to be raw, and bad-ass,

"uh, squids? skulls? violence? squid skeletons that are committing violence? anything is cool."
I've lovingly been referring to this work in progress as the "boner squid," which, unfortunately in it's current state, might imply a bit more than just being comprised of skeletal parts. There are several ideas floating about in my sea of thoughts... WHAT is this squid going to be doing? After meditating and prompting friends, the list is looking promising.
  • squid attacking a ship
  • squid inside of crest
  • squid wrapping around "Troublemaker"
  • multiple squids, mass of tentacles
The goal is to have this completely done by Friday, February 1st.

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